Haring documentation scheme

There are two types of documents. The general description documents and the option specific documentation.

The general documentation describes the tree. It consists of the file: base.title and base.desc. The base.title file is used in the header of the haring, while the base.desc is presented when entering a directory.

The option documentation has the following parts:
description : describing the option as good as possible.
--- : three dash seperator that indicates the end of the description.
Value type : the value type field. Currently the options are INTEGER and BOOLEAN.
Possible values : Describes the possible values or the range within which the values should lie to maintain a running system. Current options are a single digit indicating the only possible solution, value should be between digit1 and digit2 where digit1 and digit2 are also valid, [digit1|digit2], the value should be digit1 OR digit2.