Tools @ Made IT

This is a collection of tools I have written to make my life easier. Maybe they are of some use to somebody else.


This tool maps scsi device names to their origin. It was a tool I needed to detect which Linux scsi device was mapped to a certain iSCSI host and iqn/iqdn.


Simple tool that expects a file name as the only argument. This file should contain a HTML document without the html, head and body tags. Based on the h1-h6 tags it creates an index and links from the index to the actual content. The created html-page is outputted to std-out. Note that the head information is missing so you need to add that yourself, if you need it.

Last update: 1.0


An attempt to write a userfriendly firewall script around (for now) iptables.

You need sciomachie 0.3 or later first.

Last update: 0.3.0

Ever had the problem of not knowing which module you needed for a certain PCI card? This script gives you your options. It detects the possible Linux modules for your PCI card.

Last update: Version 1.1.0


Sciomachie is a collection of bash functions. Examples:

and a lot more.

Last update: Version 0.3.1 (lot of interface changes with 0.2, so watch out!)


pstat is a little shell script that based on /proc examines the state of processes (esp. daemons). Further documentation can be found inside the shell script. It also contains the script

Last update: version 0.2.0


If you are looking for SLICK... it's now called haring :)

A simple kernel setup tool, to configure /proc/sys/ and the directories below that. With complete descriptions, atleast that's the goal. Some descriptions are present from the proc.txt and the ip-sysctl.txt files.

It is pretty usable already. All functionality is there. All kernel parameters can be changed, except that a lot of descriptions are still missing.

Last update: 0.2.3

A little shell script that converts CDs to ogg vorbis audio format.
You need: cd-discid, cddbcmd, cdparanoia, and oggenc for it to function correctly. If you also like to submit CDs to freedb you need a correctly setup network and local mailer with a sendmail like interface like: sendmail or postfix.

Last update: Version 0.7.2


A rewrite of the orginal sambafax script found on the Hylafax site. This is a more generic bash-script. Hope it helps you too.

Latest update: 27 June 2002


A Makefile collection to setup a GNUstep system

Last update: 18 October 2002